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Who Gets What, and Why?

How does a business determine which jobs are key to its' success, and what incentives will motivate and bring about desirable results. More important, how is compensation justified for any job in the organization? Is there a more accurate and balance way to measure and provide competitive compensation? Alegre HR Advisors helps business owners determine pay philosophy and create pay structures that enhance the working environment and the company's bottom line. 

At Alegre Advisors, we create compensation strategy focused on:

We provide customized compensation strategy based on your current budget and pro-forma growth projections.
Companies of all sizes should have an org chart that reflects the expertise within the business, and assign performance requirements based upon roles and responsibilities.
A well-designed compensation program includes a competitive mix of base cash, cash incentives for individual performance, cash incentives for company performance, training and development offerings, vacation and other paid time off benefits, health benefits, tuition reimbursement, travel perks, etc. The working environment is also a significant contributor to the satisfaction that an employee receives from working.
A compensation survey is the best method to determine median industry or average local wages in any role. Alegre collects compensation data and provides our clients with a meaningful analysis for aligning employee pay to the business strategy.

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