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Small businesses frequently need to gain experienced insight and proven experts on a short- to mid-term basis.   A typical consulting project would be to ensure a smooth acquisition, restructuring, or workflow design during HR  software implementations. Alegre also augments HR service delivery, lending expertise while establishing development opportunities for a company's HR staff.



Our Mission

Alegre HR Advisors, LLC exists to deliver world-class HR services on a cost-effective, efficient and measurable basis to small businesses across industries, which are intent on being the best in their industry.

People are critical to the vitality, profitability, and competitive spirit of a small business.  Our goal is to help business owners focus on their operations while we focus on providing them with strategic HR services that will lead them and employees to business success beyond what they previously believed was possible.

Alegre HR Advisors, LLC is the right call when a company needs to leverage its' human capital programs in an ever-evolving, technology driven and competitive marketplace.

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