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Why Us?

Alegre HR Advisors, LLC brings more to the table than HR as usual: We bring expertise to our clients through proven leadership, HR professionals whose success is demonstrated by impressive tenures within industry leaders, promotions over time that demonstrate value to their former employers, professional certifications and a career history of upward growth; all valuable and rare in an HR consultant. A business owner can be assured they have partnered with some of the top HR professionals in the United States.


We bring a unique combination to our clients not matched easily by boutique recruiting and HR consulting firms:

  • Tenure with companies known as the best of the best in their industry
  • Cross-functional expertise: HR, Recruiting, Accounting, Management, Training, Marketing, Business Development,
  • Business ownership
  • Multiple industries:   Insurance, oilfield services, energy marketing and transportation, media and communications, professional services  
  • We get involved directly with our clients, and roll up our sleeves to ensure success
  • US and International scope and experience


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