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We believe HR is as much a component of good management as accounting, operations and safety. HR can be more than management controls; it can design, attract and manage a workforce that makes all the difference to the bottom line. Rather than a cost of doing business, employees can be the differentiator in a fast changing, globally competitive environment.


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According to the Small Business Administration: - HR work consumes 25% to 35% of a small business owners’ time, with up to 25% of that being employee-related paperwork - 30% of small business failures are blamed on poor hiring decisions - The cost of employee turnover estimated at 75% to 150% of the position’s annual salary Small companies have plans to become larger companies. Larger companies make plans to move into new technologies, geographies or products. Every business is facing external market pressure that frequently creates internal stress for the organization. Leveraging human resources effective
There are times when a business requires requires additional expertise that is efficient and cost effective.” “Typically, outsourcing occurs when a business is in start-up mode or when margins are thin and expertise is still required. When cash flow is the priority and staff a full HR department is not feasible, the business may need to focus its’ effort externally on competitiveness and acquiring market share. This type of external focus requires internal human resources excellence through efficient processes, teamwork, and employee engagement. Alegre delivers that internal excellence while you run your business.
The costs of hiring a professional are far less than the cost of a business owner spending their time handling HR-related issues. Typically, outsourcing fees are approach 50% of a full-time salaried professional(s) wages and burden (employer taxes, benefits, office space, etc.). The benefits of outsourcing are: - No salary and overhead commitment. No impact to benefits costs. - 24/7 100% on demand expertise available - No downtime, vacation or sick days for your HR support - Expertise that may not be available locally, depending on business location - Proportionate fees for the time requirements. Why pay a salaried employee for full-time work if your business only requires on-call management support. - Dedicated HR expertise that a small business typically could not afford
Alegre HR Advisors, LLC brings more to the table than HR as usual: We bring expertise to our clients through proven leadership, HR professionals whose success is demonstrated by impressive tenures within industry leaders, promotions over a period of time that indicate value and trust by their former employers, professional certifications and a career history of upward growth; all valuable and rare in HR and particularly rare in HR Consultants. A business owner can be assured they have partnered with some of the top HR professionals in the United States.

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